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Attorney Fajer Ahmed

Dealing with medical issues is tough as it is. I hope all my readers are enjoying good health, both physical and emotional, but if for some reason you have to deal with medical issues, here are a few things to keep in mind that are commonly asked.
Question: How many days of medical leave am I entitled to? Is it true that it is just 15 days a year? And how do I prove that I am unwell?
According to the labor law, an employee shall be entitled to the following:

  • First 15 days of sick leave – at full pay
  • Additional 10 days – at three quarters of the pay
  • Additional 10 days – at half pay
  • Additional 10 days – at quarter pay
  • Additional 30 days without pay.
    Article 69 goes on to state the following: The worker shall provide a medical report from the doctor appointed by the employer or the doctor of the government medical center. In the event of conflict regarding the necessity of a sick leave or its duration, the report of the government doctor shall be adopted. Incurable diseases shall be excluded pursuant to a resolution issued by the competent minister, in which he shall specify the types of incurable diseases.
    With that said, every company has a different process for dealing with medical leaves, so it is important for you to check your company’s policies. A mistake that I see many expats make is that because they do not feel well, they do not go to work, but also do not notify their workplace. I understand that you may need to take long times off work for emergencies and that it might not always be easy to bring in the paperwork for the sick leave or a report, but it is still important to do it. If you are away from work for a while without informing your employer, you might be considered as retired or absconding.

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By Attorney Fajer Ahmad

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