Silk City and Kuwait’s economic development in The Investor

KUWAIT: Saleh Al-Selmi, Chairman of the Union of Investment Companies announces the publication of Issue #6 of The Investor magazine which is focused on Kuwait’s strategic development until 2035.
In this issue, The Investor speaks with Dr Khalid Mahdi, Secretary General for the Supreme Council for Planning about Kuwait’s strategic development plan, privatization efforts and the current status of the Silk City project in the region.

In Issue #6, released mid-June, The Investor magazine also spoke with senior economic officials at the Institute for International Finance (IIF) for their take on Kuwait’s future economic prospects including challenges, strengths and potential opportunities for investors.

The Investor also examines the region’s growing appetite for renewables, Turkish-Kuwait economic ties in an in-depth interview with Her Excellency Ayse Hilal Sayan Koytak, and the impact of the global financial crisis 10 years on.

In this issue, The Investor also highlights the local human talent initiative, KAFO with an interview with Dr Fatima Al-Mousawi. The Investor also includes a graph feature on the world energy balance and an article examination of the global financial crisis 10 years on.

The Investor is a quarterly, bilingual publication, available in Arabic and English, focusing on Kuwait and the Arab Gulf region’s economic development with an especial interest in upcoming challenges and opportunities for investors. The Investor is published by the Union of Investment Companies (UIC) in collaboration with Kuwait Times.
The Union of Investment Companies is a non-profit organization headquartered in Kuwait that aims to promote the country’s investment sector though a range of activities including the development and implementation of world-class policy standards, regulations and oversight. The 33-member UIC groups some of the country’s largest investment firms to protect investors’ interests. UIC also identifies and develops investment opportunities for the present and the future development of Kuwait.

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