Six arrested with drugs; Hospital staff assaulted

KUWAIT: Five women, including four Kuwaiti citizens and a GCC national, in addition to a male citizen were referred to forensic medicine for blood tests on suspicions of drug abuse after they were found with possession of eight illicit tablets. A security source said the suspects were in an abnormal condition when stopped. Forensics are yet to determine which drug was used.

Illegal photographing
A Moroccan national in his forties was arrested and sent to Sharq police station, where he is held pending procedures that might require him to be sent to the State Security Department after he was arrested while taking pictures for the British Embassy’s building. The man said during questioning that he did not know the building belonged to an embassy, according to a security source.

Hospital staff assaulted
A Kuwaiti citizen was taken to Salmiya police station for assaulting a receptionist in a private hospital. The man had presented the ‘Afiya’ card that covers medical expenses for retired citizens in an attempt to cover payments for his son’s lab tests, but went furious when his application was rejected. The hospital’s management called police who arrested the man.

Unknown material
An Abdaly customs officer was arrested for possession of an unknown material, and is being held pending procedures to be handed over to criminal detectives for questioning. The suspect claimed the material belonged to his mother. – Translated from the Arabic press

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