Six arrested for trading in Tramadol – Two hurt in Abdaly Road crash

KUWAIT: This photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows six men arrested yesterday for trading in Tramadol
KUWAIT: This photo released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows six men arrested yesterday
for trading in Tramadol

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested six Egyptian men on charges of trading in a banned substance, and found 1,427 Tramadol tablets with them, the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department announced yesterday. Tips were received by criminal detectives that a man identified as Ashraf Hanafi Mohammad had illicit tablets for trading, and he was arrested with 100 Tramadol tablets he planned to sell for KD 200.

He said that he deals with another man named Wael Othman Ali, who was arrested. He said he is a mediator in the sale, and brings the drugs from yet another man called Akram Alexan Jundi. The third suspect said he delivered the drugs and handed the money to a fourth man named Jad Abdelshafi Abdellatif, and 220 tablets were found on him. He in turn said he received them from a man identified as Adel Abdelnasser Mohammad, who had 107 tablets on his arrest.

The statement said this suspect told them about a sixth man named Abdelameen Ahmad Younis, who had 1,000 tablets. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities. Separately, Central Prison authorities found 12 small joints thought to contain heroin during a routine inspection. The drugs were with an Egyptian inmate named Yasser Mohammad Khalaf.

Thieves caught
In other news, the department announced that Farwaniya detectives arrested a gang that committed several robberies against citizens and expats. The first suspect, a bedoon wanted to serve a two-year, four month jail sentence, also wanted by Jahra and Ahmadi detectives. The second suspect, Yousuf Hameed, is also a bedoon. The suspects were arrested in Ardiya and they confessed to committing the crimes. They were identified by victims in a line-up. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Traffic accident
A car flipped over on Abdaly Road, so Abdaly rescue center responded and found two injured and trapped persons inside the car. The doors were cut open, and the injured were handed to paramedics, who evacuated them by medevac.

No injuries in fires
Sulaibkhat and Doha firemen put out a fire that broke out in a Doha school. The fire was in the teachers’ room but no one was at school. The fire was put out and no injuries were reported. Meanwhile, a Hitteen house caught fire, so Mishref fire center responded and contained the blaze, which was put out in 10 minutes. No injuries were reported. In another incident reported yesterday, wood and debris caught fire in Khaitan, and firemen were able to contain and keep it from spreading, and it was put out in 20 minutes. Separately, a car caught fire in Hitteen, prompting Mishref fire center to respond and put it out without injuries. Also yesterday, a residential building in Farwaniya caught fire, prompting Farwaniya fire center to respond with Ardiya as backup. The fire was in a flat with people inside, so the building was evacuated and the fire was put out without any injuries.

Staff promotion
Director of administrative affairs at Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) Colonel Nasser Al-Ansari said 1,803 officers and non-commissioned officers will be promoted during the coming few days, adding that the promotions were approved after a decree on the KFSD budget for 2016/2017 was issued. Ansari appreciated the support of State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah, adding that this step will promote those who deserve it on the basis of seniority.

Low-cost homes
Based on the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister and Acting Defense Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah to provide policemen with low-cost homes, the Interior Ministry will start distributing these homes to those who deserve them from August 1, after recovering them from those whose service ended, or lost any of the conditions they must meet to deserve these homes.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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