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Six decades of dedication and professionalism in journalism

By Chidi Emmanuel and Sajeev K Peter

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times has marked a significant milestone on September 24, 2022 as it celebrated its 61st anniversary. The late president of Kuwait Journalists Association (KJA) Yusuf S. Al-Alyan established Kuwait Times on September 24, 1961, the first English-language daily in the Arabian Gulf region. The first issue of Kuwait Times was printed at Muqahwi press and it consisted of four pages only. The first page included a letter from the then head of Department of Publications and Publishing, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, congratulating the daily on its first issue.

Al-Alyan, who loved reading and exploring the world, got a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political Sciences from University of London in 1953. His visits to European and non-European countries and interaction with their people gave him insights about their languages and cultures, making him fluent in French, German, Italian, Persian and Hindi.

The newspaper was established in the wake of Kuwait’s independence and it became quite vibrant socially and culturally. Al-Alyan remained as the Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait Times since its foundation, until he passed away in December 2007.

KJA named Al-Alyan as honorary president in 2002 in recognition of his services to the press. He was one of KJA’s founders in 1964. Al-Alyan was also chief editor of Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed (New Dawn) newspaper which was issued immediately after the 1991 liberation of Kuwait. Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed was only issued in 1991 and 1992. Al-Alayan was KJA President in 1978-1985 and 1990-92.

Kuwait Times documented Kuwait since its independence, reporting the democratic process and ratification of the constitution, and the country’s membership in United Nations and Arab League, as well as the establishment of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED).

In the subsequent years, Kuwait Times increased the number of pages and became a 36-page broadsheet. The newspaper provides in-depth reporting on local events, business news, analysis and editorials on local, regional, international issues, entertainment sports news and features. It also provides a unique service for expatriates, reporting local and foreign news.

Kuwait Times is also instrumental in reporting about establishment of ministries, institutions, judiciary, Kuwait University, Kuwait International Airport, oil projects, education and health services. Kuwait Times has been relentless about in its genuine reporting and coverage of Kuwait’s just causes, as well as interacting with non-Arabs and Western Embassies. Over the last six decades, Kuwait Times has evolved into a major media organization in the region in tandem with the emergence of a new journalism medium for the new millennium, the internet. Today, in the domain of digital media, Kuwait Times has become a major player with its diligent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it delivers the news in a fact-based, objective manner without compromising on objectivity.

Readers congratulate Kuwait Times on its anniversary

As part of the events marking the celebration, Kuwait Times interviewed some local readers to get their perspectives.

Adel Eisa Al-Yousifi

We send you our most sincere congratulations and wishes regarding the anniversary of the founding of Kuwait Times, wishing you and your news family the best in your media career.

We also are happy to express to you our sincerest appreciation for your well-regarded efforts in encouraging journalistic work and the publication of awareness within society. Hoping the newspapers for more success and for our Kuwait a lasting prosperity.

Rana Al-Naibari, Institute of Banking Studies

The institute of banking studies and I are happy to congratulate you and all employees in Kuwait Times on the newspaper’s 61st anniversary.

I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional role the newspaper has been making, as one of the most important English Newspapers in Kuwait and The Gulf Cooperation Council, as it has become an excellent brand an important media source for many non-Arabic readers.

We once again would like to congratulate you personally and all Kuwait times’ employees as we hope that you continue to providing journalism with integrity and to serve our lovely nation with the guidance of our wise leadership and may they live long lives.


Adeeb Ahamed 


 Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Financial Holdings

My hearty congratulations to Kuwait Times on the momentous occasion of its 61st Anniversary. Ethical and trustworthy journalism are pillars of any strong nation and through its focus on positive and impactful news, Kuwait Times has endeared itself to the people of Kuwait. I convey my appreciation of the team’s dedication to journalism and wish them continued success.


Tarek Aleryan, TV Presenter and Producer, Kuwait TV

I would like to congratulate Kuwait Times on celebrating the 61st anniversary of its establishment. You always provide the reader with the latest local and international news. I wish Kuwait Times continued success in the future!

Tarek Aleryan



Ali Al-Dagher

Ali Al-Dagher, Chief Communications Officer, Kuwait Labor


Hearty Congratulations to Kuwait Times on its 61st Anniversary! Twenty five years ago, my father introduced me and my siblings to Kuwait Times and encouraged us to read it daily. In fact, my brother and I would compete to read an article aloud for my grandfather and I have won many little gifts from him and my treasure chest houses those gifts today! Congratulations Kuwait Times, the first English daily of Kuwait, on this glorious day!

S K Wadhawan, Chairman, Samara Auto Supplies

A unique bond of trust by its superb coverage, incisive reporting, objective presentation and calling a spade a spade. My journey with Kuwait Times all these years has been memorable. Kudos and my felicitations!




Ashok Kalra, Managing Director & Partner, Mughal Mahal

Congratulations to the staff and management of Kuwait Times on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of publication! As the country’s premier English-language daily, I have enjoyed reading the daily newspaper for nearly 40 years now. Throughout this period, the paper has been a trusted source of interesting and informative news and articles. Thank you Kuwait Times, and wish you all the very best.

Rajeshwari Subbaraman, English Lecturer, Arab Open University, Kuwait

It was mid-morning on the 15th of April 1976. As a young 16-year-old expatriate who had landed just 24 hours ago in Kuwait, I jumped with joy to see the English newspaper, Kuwait Times on the stand. Since then, for the past four decades, dear Kuwait Times, you have been part of our home, bringing local, international, business, lifestyle, and sports news every single day. Thank you! Life’s milestones are not supposed to be counted, they are supposed to be celebrated. Happy 61st birthday Kuwait Times!

Rajesh Nair, Principal, Indian Community School Kuwait

Let me wish a very happy birthday to a great print media which keeps truthfulness as its committed tool of reporting by promoting literature, music, science… etc for the development of human dimensions. May it continue to be the limelight to fight for the public interest and humanitarian issues.

John Mathew, Writer

Congratulations Kuwait Times for completing 61 years of fantastic journalism. 60 years back, I started reading cyclostyled Kuwait Times and never stopped though the news reporting underwent sea changes. I am leaving Kuwait now, but I will continue reading Kuwait Times electronic edition in India. At this moment, I fondly recall my interactions with late Mr Yousuf Al-Alyan, the Founder and former Editor-in-Chief, who was a great human being.

E D Titus, General Manager, Aman Exchange

Congratulations to Kuwait Times on the 61st anniversary! On this occasion, I recall fondly my association with late Mr Yousuf Al-Alyan, founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait Times, who was a great personal friend and a friend of India. All the very best to a great newspaper!

Dr Saroj Bala Grover, Senior physician, Infectious Diseases Hospital

I have always been an ardent reader of Kuwait times. It is the first English language daily newspaper in the Gulf. Most popular with all of us because of its in-depth reporting of national, international, political, sports, business, entertainment and other news. My heartiest congratulations to Kuwait Times for completing 61 years so magnificently! Best wishes.

Priya Sarah Koshy, Associate Language Instructor, College of Engineering & Petroleum Kuwait University

Newspapers are often regarded as mirrors to society. The Kuwait Times has stayed its course for 61 long years. This is without doubt a testament to the fact that this newspaper has become a trusted source of information to readers in the Middle East and beyond. As one of those many readers, I consider it an honor to congratulate the team for being true to this vision and wish them continued success.

Sherly Dennis Director, Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait

On the occasion of 61st anniversary celebration, I congratulate Kuwait Times team for reaching out to the public with the latest update of news and events. Kuwait Times is the most important newspaper for our Indian Community School and Indian School of Excellence. May this reach greater heights in its achievement and more news readers! With best wishes!

Mahesh Iyer, Principal Smart Indian School, Kuwait

Reading is the best habit for all the citizens and especially for any educationist, that too reading all the essence of the current affairs all around is the outcome of devotion, dedication and determination of the team. Kuwait Times is an ideal pioneer for the sincere reporting of all the happenings all around. I wish all the success to each one of the KT Team for marching ahead with a pride of ideal news platform.

Regi Mathew

Congrats to Kuwait Times on its 61st Anniversary. I have been reading Kuwait Times for the last 45 years. As a young boy, I have visited the Kuwait Times press and seen how typesetting was done in those days. I wish all the best for the KT entire team.

Dr Surendra Nayak, Former President, Indian Doctors Forum, Kuwait

Congratulations Kuwait Times on the eve of the 61st anniversary! Providing fair and unbiased latest information of ongoing local and international happenings is the greatest strength of Kuwait times. Reading Kuwait Times has become my daily routine without which I feel like something missing.

Krishnakumar P, Office Manager, IFA International Travel and Tourism

Kuwait Times is the first newspaper I have read and it still continues to be a part of my life. The publication, over these years, has done commendable work in bringing to its readers information, reports and opinions so vital in this age of media. On this commemorative occasion, I wish The Kuwait Times team greater success in times to come. Keep bringing to us the good stories and keep expanding your readership.

Gertrude Essah Acolatse (Teacher)

Kuwait times helps in controlling all the lies on social media. It gets to everyone with its unique mass medium of communication. I see it as an authentic source of information.

Esther Chidinma (Teacher)

There are lots of information on the internet, but to verifiable reports, we do rely on Kuwait Times.

Jessica Ekeh (Nurse)

Reading Kuwait Times has become part of my morning routine. For verifiable and unbiased information, just pick up a copy of Kuwait Times.

Uche Ononaji

Uche Ononaji (Admin Manager)

I love reading Kuwait Times newspaper. Its style of writing and publishing news is very simple and succinct. It is indeed the best English newspaper in the Arab world. Happy 61st anniversary.

RCCG Church

Congratulations Kuwait Times and staff! You are and will always will be the best. Keep up with the good works.

Kingsley Orji Abosike

Kingsely Orji (Nollywood Director)

Congratulations to Kuwait Times Newspaper and staff. You are not only informative; you promote freedom and democratic principles. I wish you all the best for the next 61 years, and beyond.

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