Six held with drugs at T4

KUWAIT: The customs department at Kuwait Airport’s Terminal 4 separately arrested six smugglers arriving from different nations with a variety of drugs. The public relations department announced the seized substances include Lyrica, hashish, marijuana, mushroom and Tramadol. An Asian arriving from Delhi was caught with marijuana and 350 Tramadol pills.

A Kuwaiti coming from Amsterdam was arrested with 20 Lyrica pills and a marijuana joint. Another Kuwaiti arriving from Amsterdam was also arrested with three pieces of hashish and 130 pieces of psychedelic mushrooms.

A Kuwaiti coming from Beirut was arrested with 15 Lyrica pills and a piece of hashish. Two Kuwaitis arriving from the UK were arrested – one with four marijuana joints and the other with six pieces of marijuana as well as an electronic marijuana cigarette,” the public relations department announced.


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