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Six labor city projects to be offered to private sector for investment

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality is currently working in collaboration with the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) on offering six labor city projects to the private sector for investment, Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said. The labor cities will have buildings with spacious accommodation areas for laborers, including all health, security, recreational and commercial facilities for limited-income expats residing in Kuwait without their families, Manfouhi added. 

According to Manfouhi, the new labor cities include a 100,000 sq m meter township to the west of the pilgrims gathering area, another of the same size to south of the municipality’s scrap yard, a third of the same size near Shadadiya industrial area, labor accommodations in block five in Subhan, labor accommodations in block 11 in Subhan and a 100,000 sq m labor city to the west of Mina Abdullah.

In another concern, Manfouhi announced that the municipality will start receiving applications for camp licenses from Monday on its website. He added that an agreement was made with the defense ministry to have campers sign affidavits to pitch their camps at least two kilometers away from military camps and to keep away from and report sighting any strange objects immediately.

Employee performance assessment

Senior sources at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) stressed that the new employee performance assessment method is the responsibility of each respective state department, and that the CSC does not interfere in the process, be that in the 70 percent allocated for individual and group performance and personal skills or in the 30 percent concerning punctuality, attendance and commitment to punching in and out. The CSC official added that assessment is the full responsibility of the administrative department in each respective body and that the CSC supervises the process.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Kuwait Nursing Society Bandar Nashmi Al-Enezi expressed satisfaction with the meeting he and his colleagues had with CSC Director Ahmed Al-Jassar to discuss nurses’ problems and demand more privileges for Kuwaiti nurses. Enezi added that Jassar fully understood the demands and said Kuwaiti nurses will get new financial and academic privileges soon. “We discussed a new salary framework, paying nurses full salary while pursuing further studies and considering nursing as an arduous profession,” he explained.  

By A Saleh

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