Six reckless drivers arrested in Kabd

KUWAIT: Vehicle impounded during a police crackdown on reckless drivers in Kabd yesterday.

KUWAIT: The Interior Ministry’s traffic department said it launched a sudden inspection campaign in the early hours of morning in Kabd yesterday, where crowds had gathered to watch some races and reckless driving, said security sources, noting that the campaign resulted in arresting six reckless drivers. Further, the department said other inspection campaigns held in the period of May 21-27 in various governorates resulted in filing 31,349 traffic citations, impounding 389 vehicles and arresting 55 motorists for committing extremely serious traffic violations.

As part of the Interior Ministry’s activities to enforce the law in various governorates, Ahmadi Security Directorate set up many checkpoints along various streets, which resulted in arresting four people wanted and sentenced to prison, eight wanted for drugs-related cases and 15 wanted for financial claims, in addition to arresting two citizens and two expats with hashish and ice.

Smuggler caught
An Iraqi man was arrested on arrival at Abdali land border outlet with possession of 5,407 illicit pills, said security sources, noting that custom inspectors suspected an ice box supposedly filled with fish and when they searched it, they found the pills. The suspect confessed of carrying the pills to deliver them to a bedoon man living in Kuwait. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Ranch fire
A fire broke out in a ranch in Kabd, said security sources, noting that when they headed to the scene, firemen found out that the fire started in a warehouse used to store tents and power generators located over an area of 600 square meters. The fire was controlled without reporting any casualties.

As part of its ongoing cleaning campaigns, Hawally municipality inspectors announced that a three-day inspection campaign resulted in removing 96 illegal ads, filing 93 citations and destroying 898 kilograms of inedible food items. In addition, inspection teams continued following up cleaning operations outside 210 mosques and seven jogging areas on a daily basis. The teams added that 136 truckloads of construction waste, used furniture and tree branches were removed.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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