Smart devices: Mixed blessings

By Abdellatif Sharaa

I cannot imagine seeing any person – young or old – walking down the street without carrying a mobile phone! Granted no one can do without this device in our current era – even those who resist the “mobile” will at least have a basic device of some sorts. I, along with maybe a majority of people, am not worried about adults using smartphones; my worry is about those who are as young as four or five all the way to teenagers.

Smartphones are now replacing all forms of technological devices, and are equipped with all needed tools and applications, enabling users to have instant communications with whoever and wherever, and this exposes our children to many ills by evil-minded people.

What we are seeing now is a meaningless busy life, social isolation, children’s “barbarism”, relatives’ ignorance, diminishing skills, rarity of readers, copying, lavish spending, lesser devotion and more. We are seeing parents not talking to their children, children who cannot tolerate speaking with their parents, loss of moral control, nonsensical wishes, new devices, branded bags and many other negative issues…all this caused by smartphones and other devices that have made most of us stupid and ignorant.

When a father buys his four-year-old a smartphone, or when a girl in fifth grade carriers a smartphone that has all social media applications, it is a tragedy. You the parent are the one who committed a crime against your children because they will be exposed to all that you can imagine and cannot imagine.

Believe me, your child will not be deprived if they do not have a smartphone – the fact is that you are giving them a correct and sound life. As for mothers, your preoccupation with your phone will one day make you sorry for their childhood that you did not enjoy.

You will find out that you did not play with them, or give them the warmth and feeling of love they deserve. You did not teach them how to be distinguished persons. Does your child have a skill other than video games? Do you speak enough with them? All these characteristics no longer exist in the mothers of this generation! Life will be tragic despite the bounties we have as we did not invest in the devices the right way.

The maximum ambition of our youth is to have a fancy phone and more virtual friends. A very large percentage of our friends in these programs are not known to us, and we left those who deserve to be friends behind, along with of course parents, siblings, neighbors, schoolmates, teachers and relatives.

Please, wake up! Let us get out of our coma that has lasted for years and its repercussions have hit our children. Now, it is not realistic to tell people to drop their phones – in fact there are those who would think I am crazy when I ask for such a thing. But what is realistic is to give time for family and children – this is the true joy that God gave us. Make sure to designate time for being with your children to guide them, and visit your loved ones. Please!

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