‘Smuggling attempt foiled, rape thwarted’

KUWAIT: An Asian expatriate was arrested attempting to smuggle 2.5 kg of heroin into Kuwait. Airport customs officers discovered the drugs inside the lining of the man’s suitcase. He was sent to Drugs Control General Department. In another smuggling attempt, airport customs officers caught a citizen trying to bring in 10 bottles of alcohol. The woman, arriving from an Asian country, was caught when officers noticed during an X-ray of her luggage a large number of bottles. The cases were opened and the bottles examined and found to contain alcohol. She was sent for investigation.

Rape thwarted
A citizen who was looking to make an investment fell victim to two Syrian men, who attempted to rape her. The 32 year old victim told police she knew the Syrians who told her they would run businesses that bring high returns, so she trusted them and was ready to cooperate. The two men conned her into believing they wanted to show her the location where they run the business but when she was inside the room, they sexually assaulted her. The woman screamed and escaped. Hawally detectives are looking for the duo.

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