Soldier escaped kidnap attempt

KUWAIT: A soldier escaped an attempt to kidnap him by an unidentified person, and was injured while resisting. The soldier was exercising in Jahra when a man attacked him in an attempt to kidnap him, but his resistance thwarted the suspect, who fled. The victim was taken to Jahra Hospital, where he was treated, then went to the police station, where he lodged a complaint.

Policeman attacked
An Egyptian man was detained for attacking a policeman who prevented him from filming a Salmiya mosque. The policeman was guarding the mosque and noticed the man filming during taraweeh prayers, so the policeman asked him to stop. But the man exchanged words with him, then attacked him.

Forged passports
Police authorities arrested six Sri Lankans including three women who arrived in the country. Each of them had three passports, 12 of which were forged, and were about to leave for Britain. Police received tips from sources and arrested them in the transit hall. They were searched, and it was found that each of them held genuine Sri Lankan passports, forged Indian passports and forged Malaysian passports with forged British visas. The six persons were arrested and face legal action.

Eating in public
A Kuwaiti and a Syrian did not respect the sanctity of Ramadan, ate in public and behaved recklessly. When a police officer attempted to stop them, he was run over and sustained bruises. The two were showing off near the Catholic Church in Salhiya and endangered the lives of those around them. The driver was arrested along with the other person. Both were in an abnormal condition and in possession of two tablets. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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