Sons of sterile father claim for inheritance

KUWAIT: The public prosecution ordered the detention of two Saudi nationals whom a female citizen discovered were included in the inheritance certificate of her deceased husband with claims to be her sons, although her husband was sterile. A security source said a citizen complained at the public prosecution saying that she, after the death of her husband, was surprised with two persons included in the inheritance certificate. She said they are not related to her but are registered as her sons, although her husband was sterile, and submitted documents proving her claims. The two enjoyed all the advantages citizens enjoy. The nationality and passports department summoned the woman, questioned her and examined the papers she had. A report was sent to the prosecution and a decision was made to arrest the two men. They were sent to the forensics department for DNA tests, and it was found what the woman said is true – that they are not related to her or her husband. The men were ordered jailed for further legal action.

Policeman injured
A citizen with a criminal record ran over a sergeant in Salmiya with his motorcycle and broke his left leg and both ankles. The suspect was later arrested following stiff resistance. He was found wanted to serve a three-year jail sentence and over a KD 32,000 debt.

Driver beats sponsor
A citizen told Jahra police he wanted to lodge a complaint against his Bangladeshi driver, who beat him badly before escaping. A security source said the citizen returned to the police station in the evening in panic and said the driver returned and beat him again. The driver was arrested and jailed. – Translated from the Arabic press

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