Sorry Kuwait

GhannamGood morning my dear and honorable readers and I wish you all a happy rainy season. In this article, I would like to talk about many odd behaviors that are taking place in Kuwait, which must be dealt with seriously by the concerned authorities. Here in Kuwait, we have so many stiff rules and regulations that once implemented, Kuwait would become one of the most advanced countries in the world. Our problem here in Kuwait is the so-called wasta (connection) which turns out to be a tool of oppression sometimes rather than a tool of assistance.

1 – Why do we still see parents putting their young ones on their laps while driving? If that is done in the US, that would constitute a serious crime and the parents would be locked up behind bars. Whereas here, I think parents are teaching their children how to drive starting at a very early age.

2 – Why are we seeing so many crimes related to anger nowadays? A man can be killed for a parking space or a DVD. A housemaid kills her sponsor’s daughter or son for no reason. Why many of us have reached that point of irresponsibility? We are lacking religious and social discipline for sure.

3- Why do we have pedestrian crossings if many people do not respect them, while innocent people can be killed if they use them because an arrogant maniac is driving recklessly and does not care to stop for an old man, woman or even a family. The problem is that the person who violates the law can escape prison because he has that special vitamin (wasta).

4 – Why doesn’t Kuwait impose a toll around the country’s most visited places such as the beach road, malls and other sites. This is not to put more burdens of people, but to limit the unwanted cars which roam the roads with no purpose, such as many youngsters who tend to bother the families in the malls or at the traffic lights.

5 – When will we see your transaction be finished in a 10-minute time period with a smile at the social affairs ministry or at the traffic department in Shuwaik or Farwaniya?

6 – When will we see some policemen greet you politely, ask for your car’s documents and tell you what you did wrong, instead of asking you in a humiliating way, making you feel as if you were a criminal?.

7 – When will we see our roads smooth and can tolerate a few drops of rain?

8 – When will we see the mosques not guarded as if we are entering a security building? It is so sad to see the mosques being guarded by policemen on Fridays.

9 – I would like to dedicate my last point to my brothers and sisters from Pakistan who are still suffering as a result of the ban imposed on the family visa for their relatives. What I can tell you is to exercise patience and Allah can make the impossible become possible.

Sorry Kuwait for all the bad things and bad people who are defaming your image to the world. Stay blessed.
Till the next article Insha Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam

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