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Spain, Greece in q-finals in FINA Polo Championship

KUWAIT: Kuwait National Water Polo team will conclude the first round of FINA World Men’s Junior Polo Championship with a touch match against the Italian team, which won the championship three times previously, and a strong candidate to win the current one at 2:50 pm today as part of the fifth and final round in Group C of the championship being held at HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Swimming Pools Complex, as Greece was the first to qualify for the quarter finals by beating Uzbekistan 27-4 yesterday and Iran will meet Montenegro at 4:10 pm in Group C only.
Kuwait’s team rested in the third round that was held Saturday and hopes for the best performance possible following losses to Iran and Montenegro, bearing in mind Kuwait players lack experience and not playing internationally especially during the suspension Kuwait sports suffered from.

As Italy seems closer to top its group, the USA and Montenegro will compete for second and third place to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Croatia will play Japan at 9:30 am in Group A, while Serbia will play China at 10:50 am. Croatia and Serbia are competing for top spot, while Japan and China are fighting for third place.
In Group B Egypt will play Russia at 1:30 pm, while Hungary and Canada will meet at 12:10 pm, as Spain seems to have secured top spot, leaving Hungary, Canada and Russia fighting for second and third.

In Group D, Australia will face Uzbekistan at 5:30 pm, Brazil against New Zealand at 6:50 pm, while Greece already took top spot leaving New Zealand, Australia and Brazil fighting for second and third, bearing in mind that Australia beat Brazil 9-6 yesterday.

Results of the third round that was held yesterday saw Croatia defeat China 24-5, Serbia defeated South Africa, Hungary defeated Egypt 19-7, Spain beat Russia 19-8, Italy beat Iran 16-4, USA defeated Montenegro 11-9, Australia beat New Zealand 8-7, Greece defeated Brazil 13-2.

Meanwhile, President of Kuwait Olympic Committee Sheikh Fahad Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, accompanied by KOC Secretary General, and first FINA Vice-President Hussein Al-Musallam inspected the swimming pools complex and checked preparations of the championship, and lauded the outstanding organization of the tournament.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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