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Special dentistry treatment for the disabled

KUWAIT: Kuwait, since onset of legislations and development, has sought to furnish special needs citizens with all requirements for good living and attaining their aspirations. Specialized medicine for these cases at Jahra dentistry center is a tangible example how Kuwait has been seeking to attain this objective, actively.

Dr Turki Al-Mjaweb

Speaking on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the head of the ward, Dr Dalal Al-Kharraz, said in an interview with KUNA that the doctors and staff in the section have been providing treatment and extraordinary care for such cases since 12 years. The center receives autistic cases, Down’s syndrome cases, cardiac and Alzheimer cases, and provides transplants and chemotherapy, she said, noting that in 2021, up to 1,100 cases had been treated – a high number reached despite difficulties resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. Dr Kharraz said the ward receives 6 to 10 cases a day including those that need surgeries.

Dr Manal Al-Ajmi, who works in the same section, indicated to KUNA that difficulties double in the cases that suffer from other illnesses, noting that some cases under surgery need to be totally anesthetized, adding that collaborative action is required to treat some patients of this category. The center also receives patients who need teeth treatment for problems that appeared since childbirth, said Dr Turki Al-Mjaweb, noting flexibility in appointments and devoting the required care depending on the status of each case. – KUNA

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