Special payments common practice since 92: Speaker

KUWAIT: Extraordinary payments given to Kuwaiti MPs has been an established procedure dating back to more than a quarter of a century, Kuwait’s top lawmaker said yesterday. Speaking to the press, National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem revealed that “MPs had been the recipients of monthly undeclared wages worth KD 650 ($2,100) since October 20, 1992.” “Parliament speakers have been asking ministers for undeclared salaries for MPs since 1992,” Ghanem noted, quashing speculation that the procedure was a newfound procedure. He denied that the pecuniary process was the brainchild of the current parliamentary lineup, “who have gotten a great deal of flak over this issue, which is totally unjust,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ghanem pointed out that it was “incumbent upon him as parliament speaker to tell the truth and elucidate this issue to the nation.” As the world faces uncertain times, the National Assembly Speaker said that such speculation “only serves to distract us from our priorities and current challenges.” — KUNA

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