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State departments urged to ‘Kuwaitize’ committees

KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) urged all state departments to ‘Kuwaitize’ all committees they form with only one exception for specialized consultants, said well-informed sources, noting that this step comes as part of a general policy to replace expatriates in the public sector with citizens.

Private universities
The Private Universities Council’s Secretary General Habib Abul called for allocating 600,000 sq m instead of the land previously allocated in Sulaibiya to be used to build at least four universities. In a letter he sent to Kuwait Municipality, Abul stressed that Amiri decrees had already been issued concerning a list of private universities. Abul added that Suliabiya lacks the proper infrastructure needed to build the new universities.

Overdue bills
The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) managed to collect KD 160 million in overdue bills in six months, from the new fiscal year till the end of September, assistant undersecretary for consumer affairs Meshaan Al-Otaibi said. He also predicted that the total amount to be collected until the end of the year might reach KD 320 million, a 40 percent increase compared to last year.

By A Saleh

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