stc launches reliable internet connectivity backup solution

KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the launch of its dedicated backup access solution, in a step to further enhance the series of exceptional offers and services introduced by the Company to its enterprise customers.

The new solution aims to prevent any disruptions in primary internet connectivity that may lead to interruptions in business functions, while keeping in mind the current challenges companies and SMEs are facing in their return to normal business operations. In a statement, the Company highlighted that the backup connection serves as an alternative support connectivity to primary fiber, DSL or other connections. Upon detecting any connectivity malfunctions, the system engages the backup connection, ensuring a seamless transition and smooth operation of all required business activities.

Meshari Al-Hamad

Commenting on the new solution, General Manager of Sales & Account Management at stc, Meshari Al-Hamad, said, “We launched this technology as an added enterprise solution to serve as a support system to primary internet connections. This solution enables us to meet the current demand for such products in the market and assist Companies in preventing any unwanted disruptions in service due to unstable networks.”

Explaining how the system works, Al-Hamad said, “When primary internet connections experience a drop in connectivity, they temporarily halt access to online services, data exchange processes, and branch management tools, causing Companies delays in offering their high-quality services, as well as lose valuable time and effort. With the back-up connection we equipped with a dedicated access feature, Companies can resume their business functions as usual with the support of a strong network, preventing any unexpected disruptions in their activities.”

He added, “Through our revolutionary 5G network, stc offers a self-management tool through selfcare, where the customer can control the quota they need to manage the disruption period until the primary connection is running at full capacity once again.” stc is deploying this innovative dedicated access solution over its 5G network across Kuwait at competitive prices. This initiative builds on the important role of the fifth-generation technology in shaping and accelerating the enablement of digital transformation across various industries.

stc business aims to provide innovative state-of-the-art solutions and exceptional user experience not only for customers, but enterprises as well, specially focusing on faster ICT deployment. This enables the Company to assist local businesses in digitizing and enhancing their operations throughout this difficult period and prepare for new market conditions shaped by the current pandemic.

The Company’s 5G DA service is one of the best ICT solutions for SMEs, given the sector’s demand for faster deployment timeframes with minimal cabling. Complemented by a stable experience and professional services, the 5G DA will provide SMEs with fast GTM connectivity. stc’s 5G DA is also the better choice for larger enterprises due to its capability to serve as a primary link and fiber backup. The Company has offered these services to several customers in various sectors to enhance their operations with success.

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