Stop This Farce

Neither the government nor the parliament has shown any sign of confrontation with the reality of the disastrous drop in the state’s sole source of income. They even co-starred in a farcical play of granting 75 liters of free petrol to each citizen. Both of them proved how hollow their political approaches are when they naively promoted such a proposal to grumbling citizens as if they were putting pacifiers in babies’ mouths to stop them from crying, while at the same time, the speaker of house keeps pouting terms like ‘smart solutions’ and ‘conservative citizens’ on various media.

The other ugly face of the 75-liter pacifying solution, which is about 30 percent of the savings made by the state by increasing fuel prices, was to cut expat teachers’ rent allowance from KD 150 to only KD 60. It came as if the government wanted to pass a message that it also deducted from the salaries of expat teachers that are already no more than half or one third of those paid to their Kuwaiti peers, so that it could eventually pay the difference to citizens in the form of those 75 liters of fuel. What an abusive way of dealing with citizens’ awareness and minds and taking advantage of expat teachers’ miserable lives, although they are expected to work hard on teaching future generations.

Kuwait currently needs statesmen and not political actors performing a comedy play during the worst times since the liberation. This nation needs people of principle and faith in aware and knowledgeable youth. The future requires sacrifices to provide economic and political security for both today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

Putting on some makeup to hide our bitter ugly situation will not do us any good and will never alter the truth that we are heading towards insolvency, bankruptcy and devastation we have been watching daily in nearby countries. The authorities must be convinced that that ‘public showoffs’ to maintain political loyalty and political affiliations in the same old manner when the authorities made miserable bargains with citizens giving them more money to keep them silent about mega corruption cases in various state-owned establishments will no more do them any good!

This nation really needs true statesmen nowadays to frankly and clearly tell us the truth regardless of how bitter it is, tell us how to deal with it and promise to start sacrificing themselves before asking citizens to make any. This is justice. Otherwise, we will cease to have a state in the near future. So, stop producing such weak plays! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Hassan Al-Essa

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