Strange case of strange voices and other crimes

KUWAIT: A female citizen living in Rawda recently called the police reporting the presence of strangers in her house, said security sources noting that the woman reported hearing a stranger’s voice coming from the ground floor. But after arriving on the scene, police searched the house and found no one. The Asian housemaid denied the presence of strangers or even hearing any strange voices in the house.

Fugitive arrested
Jahra detectives recently arrested a fugitive citizen who was wanted after having been sentenced to 10 years in absentia for a crime, said security sources noting that detectives were tipped off concerning the suspect’s presence at his family home. The suspect was arrested on leaving the house.

Fireworks panic in mall
A child shooting off fireworks inside a popular shopping mall in Salmiya created panic recently. The child was playing while his family were having dinner and started popping off small fireworks, causing fear among others in the shopping complex. Security were called to investigate.

Car accident
A juvenile citizens was instantly killed and two others injured when they lost control over their vehicle and it flipped while driving along Abdali highway.

Wife abandons husband
An Arab expat recently reported that his wife left the house and that he suspects she has been cheating on him, security sources reported. The man explained that he woke up in the middle of the night and found that his wife was missing. He added that she had also packed her things, leaving her mobile phone behind. “I think she eloped,” said the man. A case was filed.

Brothers-in-law assault citizen
A citizen was recently rushed to Adan hospital to treat the injuries he sustained when three of his brothers-in-law assaulted him at his home. Security sources added that the three in-laws said that they beat the man in response to his beating of their sister (the man’s wife). A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Fight in Salmiya
Two citizens were recently injured during a fight in Salmiya, said security sources noting that policemen rushed to the scene and managed to control the two fighting men.

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