Streets and the conscience of a merchant

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

For many decades, work on the main roads of Kuwait is at a snail’s pace, and if they start to repair or maintain a street, you the citizen should realize that you may die before the work on the street is completed. Economists know why merchants, who monopolize tenders, are late in completing the job, as there is a file for a large number of workers under the item of this maintenance or the item of constructing the road. This large number is brought into the country, and less than half of them work on the project while there are many ways to make profit out of the rest.

Among the reasons behind the delay of constructing or repairing roads is that there are profitable changing orders, as the number increases with the passing of months and years, and because of this, Kuwait people are suffering from poor street conditions and procrastination and stalling. As for repairing streets within residential areas, this is a dream that we hope remains as such and not materialize into reality, because when the government opens the door for repairing roads in residential areas, then that group of merchants will torture Kuwait people, this time in front of their homes.

As for Kuwait’s interest and keenness for development, in addition to Kuwait lagging behind its sister Gulf countries, are values that lost their effectiveness due to many repetitions. They turned into rhetoric, as Napoleon Bonaparte said: “There is only one figure in rhetoric of serious importance, namely, repetition.”

Kuwaitis are frustrated with repetition, as we have insatiable stomachs and shameless faces. The best solution is to let Kuwait people deal with them. Reveal the names of owners of companies who won the tender and leave the rest to the people, as long as our government is afraid of them. Our affairs in Kuwait are still being run by special relations and are used to seize tenders for profits, and they are cheating methods that got us to where we are today – building roads with bad standards and road repairs that are not according global conditions and standards, so our yearly suffering is repeated every time it rains.

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Verily from what was learnt by the people from the speech of the earliest prophecy is: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.”(Al-Bukhari). Because they have no shame, they do as they wish and we remain in the circle of torture that is imposed upon us. If people do not move apart from the National Assembly, which we hope will be different this time, and without the government, which is still hesitant towards standing with the people, then we all will continue suffering from the slow construction and bad production, and Kuwait streets and its repairs will remain to tell the influence story which spoiled the enjoyment of a beautiful country.

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