Strike Zionist entity deeply

By Mohammad Al-Muthafar

Every Arab Muslim from an early age knows that the Islamic world at this contemporary time is going through a stage of extreme weakness, and Muslims are suffering everywhere in all parts of the world, and we all wonder when salvation will arrive. For myself, I became aware of this early on, especially as I hear and witness every day crimes, injustice and systematic persecution against Muslims, whether in Palestine or around the world.

I was questioning myself and trying to find a way to present something tangible on this issue, since military and political struggle against the forces of injustice and corruption hostile to Islam and Arabism is difficult and we do not have any tools to end this injustice – so it came to my mind a way to do it and take advantage of the legal profession and my experience in the legal field to serve this issue.

I thought, decided, implemented and filed a complaint on behalf of a Palestinian with the United Nations and the Refugee Affairs Council. In the complaint, I demanded the right of my Palestinian client to recover his house and land that were usurped by the Zionist entity after the crisis of 1948, when his family was forcibly displaced to Jordan and then settled in Kuwait.

Neither diplomatic attempts nor international law succeeded in returning the family of this Palestinian citizen or others to their country – and I am currently I am following up the complaint that I submitted and it is still under investigation pending a decision to refer it to the International Court of Justice.

I aim to internationalize the case for the sake of getting the highest number of similar cases, since the Arab and Islamic world has a large number of lawyers – exceeding 1.5 million. If we assume that in every country they gather 50 cases like the one I filed and proceed with the claims, we will strike the Zionist entity in the depths, and thus we, the lawyers, will have presented a magnificent role for the case that broke the heart of the entire Islamic world.

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