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Suad Al-Sabah’s ‘Dialogue of Roses and Guns’ re-released

Suad Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: One year after censorship banning the poetry diwan ‘Dialogue of Roses and Guns’ which represented a quality leap in the poetry experience of Suad Al-Sabah and a clear declaration of her political principles after several editions since 1989, the book was recently released in its new shape and form. The new publication is the 22nd edition of the diwan, and is released more than 30 years after the first edition was published by Reyadh Al-Rayyes Publishing in London in 1989.

The ‘Dialogue of Roses and Guns’ points to an important era of Dr Suad’s poetic experience that spanned over half a century. It also accounts for the reflections on her poetry and feelings of her childhood years when she lived in Al-Zubair city. The book shows the national Arabism that is instilled in the poet’s spirit from the beginning as reflected in many poetic pieces in the diwan.

Cover of the ‘Dialogue of Roses and Guns’ poetry diwan.
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