Sudanese sorcerer arrested

KUWAIT: “If you want to control him, so that he loves you forever, then I want his sweaty headdress, and KD 500 – KD 100 upfront and KD 400 when the job is complete.” This is what a Sudanese sorcerer, popular for practicing witchcraft using brass and candles, told a woman, who is actually an undercover agent at the financial crimes department. He was arrested while counting the KD 100 she gave him. Tips were received by the department were about the sorcerer whose practices hurt people and a large number of men and women frequent his place to get amulets for their relatives or loved ones in exchange for large amounts of money. The department carried out extensive investigations, then obtained a warrant. The source went to the house of the sorcerer and told him her husband is staying away from her and has married another woman, and she wants him back. He told her the only solution is to ‘heal’ him and asked for the headdress and KD 500. The woman was given the KD 100 down payment, and went to the suspect. She gave a signal when he was counting the money, and he was arrested red-handed. When they searched his house, they found headdresses and sorcery items. They also found many phone numbers of people he dealt with, and he said that all those who dealt with him are satisfied and are ready to do anything for him. The sorcerer and items were sent to the public prosecution.

Man sends brother to hospital
Adan was the scene of a bloody fight between two brothers that led to one of them being run over and admitted to Adan Hospital’s ICU, and an attempted murder case was lodged at the area police station on the orders of security director Major General Farraj Al-Zubi. A security source said a call came from Adan Hospital investigator about the arrival of a youth with multiple injuries. Policemen learned that the man had a fight with his brother because of family differences, and the suspect sought the help of his friends to beat his brother, then ran him over with his car. Detectives are working on arresting the brother.

A citizen in her thirties who went for a jog in Mishref found the window of her car broken and her purse missing with her personal items, civil ID and bank cards. She reported the case to Bayan police station.

Neighbors’ row
A citizen insulted a female citizen and spat at her because she had the ‘audacity’ to park her car in front of his house, according to his statements. A security source said the woman went to Fahd Al-Ahmad police station and told she was forced to park her car in front of her neighbor’s house, and she was surprised by him sending his domestic helper to ask her to move the car. She said when she went to move it, she found him standing next to the car and uttering insults. When she asked him to show respect, he threatened to destroy her car if he finds the car there again and spat on her. Investigations are underway.

Smuggling foiled
Two Egyptian nationals returned from their country with ducks stuffed with hashish, and were busted by airport customs officers. Customs officers searched their luggage and found the hashish and Tramadol, which they claimed is for their personal use.

Drug dealers detained
Two Sri Lankans failed to sell heroin and shabu worth more than KD 50,000 and were arrested by the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). Officers received tips about two Sri Lankans trading in drugs, so they were placed under surveillance. A warrant was obtained and their home in Khaitan was raided, where 1.5 kg heroin, one kilo shabu and a sensitive scale were found. The two were arrested and the drugs confiscated. The two confessed to trading in the drugs that they smuggled through the airport. – Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai

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