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Summertime fun in Kuwait

Things to do outdoors in Kuwait


People generally tend to mope about the hot weather and a lack of outdoor entertainment activities as summer approaches. They also tend to participate in indoor activities and avoid spending time outdoors. But there are many places and various outdoor activities that can be found in Kuwait during the summer.

Besides beach activities and sports that most people engage in either on public beaches or private clubs, they can also enjoy riding jet skis, which they can rent from various points on the seaside. Regarding seaside clubs, they all have annual membership schemes, while some allow nonmembers to enter for a fee.

Kuwaiti islands are very attractive to visit. If you own a boat, it’s easy to reach any of the nine islands. For those who don’t own one, they have a chance to visit Failaka Island, the only island that was inhabited, by a ferry that sails from Marina Crescent or a ferry that sails from Ras Al-Salmiya. This ferry was out of service for many months due to some problems at the port of Failaka, but is now sailing daily except Mondays. Visitors can also load their vehicles onboard the ferry to drive on the island. There is a museum, small zoo, pedal boats, beaches, a hotel and other facilities on Failaka Island.

Scuba diving is a great activity and sport. Various places offer diving courses in Kuwait for both genders. They usually hold training sessions in swimming pools of hotels, sports clubs or schools. Some organizers of these courses also take students for practical diving in the sea off various islands, but Qarouh is the most popular.

During daytime, due to the searing heat, the only outdoor activity has to be related to water, whether it’s a swimming pool or the sea. Water parks with slides are a lot of fun, especially for kids. Aqua Park is the first, biggest and most popular water park in Kuwait. It’s located near Kuwait Towers and is improving every year. New slides were added last year to ensure even more fun. Messila Water Village is another water park located in Messila near Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This park also provides various forms of water entertainment and holds competitions.

Walking, jogging, or cycling can all be done by the seaside. Around two months ago, a bike rental service was also launched.

Soap football is an interesting game full of fun that can be played by any number of players, depending on the group. On the seaside near Green Island, inflatable football ‘fields’ can be rented by the hour. They are partially filled with water and liquid soap so players can slip and slide while running for the ball.

This is an action game suitable for both children and adults of both genders. Two teams play against each other in a war of colors shot from the rifles that contain small pellets that explode colorfully when they hit the ‘enemy’. Players can choose the length of the game depending on the number of balls they buy. The paintball course is besides Aqua Park in a huge outdoor space.

Lovers of this classic game can practice their hobby on links at the Sahara Club located off the Sixth Ring Road. The club provides the equipment needed for playing this sport if you don’t have your own.

Horse riding
Horse riding courses are available at the Hunting and Equestrian Club located off the Sixth Ring Road. Horse riding classes are also offered at farms in Wafra and other areas.

Karting, an exciting racing activity for children and adults, is available in two locations: Sirbb Circuit in Shuwaikh, which holds races for both genders and provides jumpsuits and helmets. The Jaber Al-Ahmad Circuit located off the Sixth Ring Road is another option. It also provides all equipment needed. At this circuit, car drifting shows are held during weekends.

By Nawara Fattahova

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