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Surgeons Association welcomes int’l patients’ safety plan

Dr Salman Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: Head of Kuwait Surgeons Association Dr Salman Al-Sabah welcomed the working plan that the World Health Organization (WHO) launched recently to guarantee patients’ safety, and called for its implementation in Kuwait within the next 10 years. The plan calls for spreading the culture and principles of patients’ safety and safe health care within all procedures, protocols and policies and in various medical fields.

“Saudi Arabia already adopts WHO’s international working plan as a reference document and a solid foundation on which all policies related to patients’ safety rely on,” Dr Salman said, adding that the kingdom uses it within its plan to develop its health performance systems, achieve comprehensive health coverage, and meet international goals for sustainable development related to health as approved by the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit that was held in September 2015.

“Kuwait Surgeons Association is proud to be a major partner with the Health Ministry in preparing and following up programs and policies that focus on patients’ safety within the rights of patients,” Dr Salman said. WHO’s program covers an important part of accidents that patients may be exposed to during treatment.

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