Coronavirus in KuwaitKuwait

System predicts Kuwait COVID-19 cases to start falling by mid-May

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

KUWAIT: A team of researchers from the Dasman Diabetes Institute and Kuwait University managed to develop a model and a study on the spread of COVID-19 in Kuwait under the title of ‘Predictive Mathematical Model of SARS-CoV-2’.

Dasman Diabetes Institute General Manager Dr Qais Al-Duwairi explained that the model is based on the SEIR system with special modifications to match the situation in Kuwait, adding that the model proved the effectiveness of the measures taken by the government to contain infection since day one, including suspending schools and closing restaurants and shopping malls, as well as applying institutional and home quarantine, which has greatly and effectively isolated infected cases arriving from outside Kuwait.

The study also showed that in view of the current indicators of the natural course of the pandemic, cases will increase until the second half of May, then start falling. Kuwait has recorded over 1,000 cases infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), in addition to three deaths, since the outbreak started in the country in early March.

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