TAITRA leads Taiwan trade mission to Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE

TAITRAKUWAIT:  Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) led a trade delegation of 30 well-established Taiwanese suppliers representing various industries to visit Riyadh, Dammam, and Jubail in Saudi Arabia, Manama in Bahrain, Kuwait City in Kuwait and Dubai in UAE from May 6 to May 20, 2016. The purpose of this visit was to facilitate business cooperation between the 30 Taiwanese delegates and their counterparts in the Middle East. This trip aimed at furthering trade relations between Taiwan and the four countries mentioned above.

Having made great strides in strengthening its major industries, Taiwan is now considered a technologically advanced manufacturing powerhouse. The nation is home to key manufacturers and suppliers of various products, including IT components, industrial machinery, electronic products, textile products, steel products, medical devices, healthcare products, auto parts and equipment and housewares.

For this event, TAITRA arranged a series of trade meetings in each of the above mentioned countries to give the local buyers a valuable platform to discuss business with the participating Taiwanese companies. Taiwanese suppliers brought the latest products information as well as the most innovative samples with them, including a variety of baby-related products, hardware and building materials, machinery, steel and tinplate, sewage pumps, seafood, Information services. etc. The range of products presented is as follows:

1.    Baby and Children Products: Baby & Maternity Care Products, Feeding Bottles, Nipples, Gum
Soothers, Training Cups, Toys, Gifts, Strollers, Footwear. Grooming & Cleaning Items, Strollers &
Carriage items, a Series of Mom & Baby Care Products, Baby Stroller, Baby Playpen, Baby Rocker, Baby Walker.
2.    Medical Products: Orthodontic-Bracket/Implant; Mask-Face/Foot.
3.    Textile Products: All Kinds of Materials for Wearing Clothes.
4.    Health Equipment: Magic Caring Pillow & Cushion.
5.    Metal Products: Stainless Steel Handrail Accessories.
6.    Electrical Products: Power Bank- Cell phone/ Automotive.
7.    Machinery: PET PP PE Recycling Machine, PET PP PE Film Ext-Ruder Machine, TPR, PP and PE Coating Carpet Machine.
8.    Seafood: Tilapia Fish. Milkfish, Catfish, Koral, Kingfish (Seerfish), Squids Items, Seasoned Products.
9.    Metal Ball Pens.
10.    ICT Products: Digital Signage Players, Digital Signage Servers. Managing Software, Memory products- Memory card/USB.
11.    Food: Biscuit, Candy, Snack, Noodle, Frozen Food, Tea.
12.    Different types of LED lighting: LED Plant Grow Lights. LED Poultry Lights, LED Commercial & Industrial Lights, LED Dimensional Character. LED Slim Light Box, LED Lighting Fixture.
13.    Blender/Home Appliances: Citrus Juicer, Hand Mixer. Blender & Vacuum Accessory, Robot Cleaner.
14.    Solar Power Products: Solar Power System. Solar Applications, LED Saving Lamps.
15.    Cosmetics and Fashion Products: Anti-Wrinkle/Anti-Aging/Collagen – Face and Eyes MASKS, Fashion Accessories (Necklaces/Bracelets, Rings…), Hair Ornaments (Hair clips, Hair Elastics…). Artistic Eyes Deco. Tattoo Stickers).
16.    Sporting Goods: Scuba Diving Equipment. Technical Diving, Snorkeling, Wetsuits, Spear Fishing.
17.    Kitchenware & Homeware: Kitchen Gadgets, Cleaning Tools. BBQ Tools. Bakeware.
18.    Hardware: Shop-Fittings & Commercial Display Products, Brass Valves & Plumbing Products. Wire Shelf Rack, Supermarket Display Rack.
19.    Construction Materials: Deluxe Entrance Door, Balance Door. Fire Rated Door. Door Hardware.
20.    Security System: Intercom, Home Automation, Alarm & Access Control, Video Surveillance, LED Dimmer.
21.    Auto, Motorcycle and Bike Parts: Automotive parts, Motorcycle Parts, LED Lights.
22.    Seals: 0-ring, Washer. Bonded Seal. Hydraulic & pneumatic Seal, Molded Gasket.
23.    Barcode Scanner: With user’s APP that may enrich the mobile device to become data collector or a portable terminal.
24.    Water Treatment: R.0. Water Systems, Water Filters, Shower Filters.
25.    Communication: Wireless communication antenna for WLAN/Wfl1, Cellular & 2-way radios, VHF/UHF Rubber Duck antennas, RF coaxial connectors, RF coaxial cable assembly. SWR POWER METER, Microphones/ Speakers Mic & Mic. Holder. FWT (Fixed Wireless Terminal) WIFI.
26.    3D Printer.
27.    Drone (unmanned flying vehicles).

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