Taking creativity beyond boundaries The art of can exhibition opens tomorrow

redbullA great line of colorful, eye-catching and creative artworks will mark the opening of the Art of Can Exhibition by Red Bull at 360 mall tomorrow. The awaited exhibition is now well underway to reveal more than 100 artworks when the gallery opens its doors for VIP invitees on 15th June and to announce the winners during that night, then to receive visitors starting 16 June until 25th June. The prestigious gallery is set to feature a variety of art pieces that depict the talent and artistry of the participants, along with their incredible skills in creating a unique piece of art where the Red Bull can is its sole point of inspiration.

The Red Bull Art of Can is a true expression of one’s imagination, with little or no restrictions placed on the budding artist. The physical pieces of art includes the actual Red Bull can as the primary material in the final work. However, the digital displayed art includes a digital version of the Red Bull can in the final piece.

Significant prizes for the winners
The selected pieces will be displayed and the top three pieces will be awarded prizes. The judges will select the winners who will be announced on the opening night of the exhibition in order to win cash prizes, categorized in the physical category, the 1st place prize is 1,000 KD, the 2nd place prize 750 KD and 3rd place prize is 500 KD. As for the displayed digital category, the 1st place is 1,000 KD.

The organizers will shortlist the entrants qualified to participate in “The Art of Can” exhibition based on creativity, theme and final presentation.

Introducing the Digital Category for the First Time in Kuwait
This year, a new category was be featured; in addition to the physical art, the digital displayed art was introduced to the competition for the first time. The digital displayed art can be a work of art that can be displayed on a screen and should include a digital version of the Red Bull can in the final piece and submissions could take the form of an animation, a digital short film, stop motion, or GIF.

The primary material/inspiration must be a Red Bull can, but plenty of imagination and creativity is necessary too. Be it a sculpture, a picture, a 3D model, a mobile, digital illustration or a piece of modern art, as long as it is beautiful, colorful, clever and amusing.

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