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Takween completes residential project for displaced Syrians

KUWAIT: As part of its effort to improve the living conditions of displaced Syrians, the Takween Humanitarian Society has completed the construction of a residential building which will be given to displaced families in Idlib, Syria. Head of the administrative council at the society, Abdullah Al-Khaldi said “The aim of this residential architecture project is to assist displaced Syrians and transfer them from the life of random camps to housing units that preserve their dignity and privacy.”

“The association has handed over 12 apartments to families who lived in camps without the availability of basic life necessities. We felt the impact of this blessed project on the souls of the beneficiary families, who deeply appreciated and expressed their gratitude for donors and Kuwait,” he added. “Such beneficial symbiotic gifts are the embodiment of the highest meanings of brotherhood among the people of Islam. I hope that Allah accepts the donators’ blessings who are helping families in need,” he added.

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