Teacher busted with forged PhD

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti teacher working in an education ministry school reportedly presented a forged PhD equivalency degree with the name and logo of a prestigious Arab university recognized in Kuwait to receive educational qualifications. Sources said the forgery suspicions are revolving around equivalencies in the government, and suspicions are growing that a gang engaged in this criminal activity that was busted last year for forging postgraduate degrees from an Arab country and entering them in the higher education ministry computer was not completely uprooted. The recent case was described as a disaster for two reasons – the first is that it has the seal and signature of the former director of the degree equivalency department who left his job around three years ago, which means that there may be similar degrees issued during that time. The second reason is in its issuance date is Dec 16, 2018, which means there are forgers who are still active despite strict procedures and deterrent punishments.

Bullet wound
An Indian man was rushed to Adan Hospital for treatment for a bullet wound after he was shot during a fishing trip to Kubbar Island. A source said the man was with two persons on a fishing trip when they were surprised by an Iranian boat ordering them to stop, but they did not. The suspects then fired at them, with the bullets penetrating the cabin wall and hitting the victim. The suspects stole some belongings before escaping, the source said.

Verbal assault
A traffic first lieutenant noticed a car in violation of the law, so he pulled it over to issue a citation. However, a dispute took place between the two after the driver, who turned out to be a policeman, reportedly verbally insulted the traffic policeman. The first lieutenant lodged a complaint at the police station – the violating cop was apprehended and his vehicle impounded.

‘Hashish cutter’ confiscated
Airport customs officers confiscated a ‘hashish cutter’ from a citizen but later released him because they could not press any charges against him. The officers who were inspecting the passenger’s luggage after he arrived from Europe noticed a gadget used for grinding hashish to make it easier to roll. The citizen said the item was a ‘piece of art’ and there is no law that allows its confiscation. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas and Al-Rai

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