Teacher ‘picked on’ arsonist student: lawyer

KUWAIT: The public prosecution decided to detain a student accused of setting a fire at Farhan Al-Khalid School to continue interrogations. The suspect’s lawyer Hawraa Al-Habeeb said her client is an outstanding student and has won medals in sports from the same school and does not need to cheat, as it has been said. She said there is something “dangerous” that will be told to the court. She said the student was being picked on by a teacher, leading to ridicule by other students, and whenever he went to the administration to complain, nothing was done, which caused him a lot of psychological pressure. She said her client is stable and has never violated the law, and all his teachers commend him during parent-teacher meetings.

Child dies
A citizen took his two-year-old son to Jahra Hospital after he received an electric shock from a heater, but the child died on arrival. The father said the boy was playing and fell close to the heater’s wiring.

A citizen told police that his 1996-model SUV was stolen from in front of his house in Bayan. Meanwhile, an Egyptian man told Salmiya police that an unidentified person broke the window of his car and stole two laptops from it.

Teenager beaten
A citizen told Jabriya police that his 16-year-old son was beaten by unidentified persons near a fast food restaurant. A case was filed and investigations are underway to identify and locate the suspects.

Liquor possession
An Asian man was arrested by Farwaniya police with liquor in his car. The man attempted to evade a police patrol, and when he was asked to stop, he did not, so he was forced to do so. The suspect claimed he was listening to music, but boxes on the back seat of his car were found to contain 420 bottles of locally-brewed liquor.

Domestic violence
A bedoon woman told Bayan police she was beaten by her husband and was hit hard on the face. A medical report stated that she suffered grazes on the hand after falling. Police are investigating.

Suit and countersuit
A female citizen who works in a Jahra governorate school accused a 13-year-old boy of insulting and beating her. The teen in turn accused her of beating him and submitted a medical report, just like she did. Police are investigating. – Al-Anbaa

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