Teachers, stop beating!

Muna Al Fuzai

Two separate nasty school incidents took place recently. The first was a video showing a teacher beating and yelling at a schoolgirl. The second incident was the beating of a teacher at the hands of a mother of a student. Both incidents took place within a week at different locations. Video of the first incident was published on social media, showing the teacher hitting the student with a book and calling her an animal. The other incident was in the news later in the week.

Both crimes stirred public opinion. While everyone wondered about the causes of the attacks, many did not seem to raise the question over the reasons for the tense relationship between the two parties and the collapse of etiquette and respect among them. Is it right for a professor to hit the student in the event of an error or not being able to cope with his classmates? We all know that corporal punishment, in addition to its physical damages, has a bad psychological impact that can affect the student’s performance. He/she would end up hating the subject itself. I am against beatings in schools or outside, whether by a teacher or a guardian.

It is not appropriate for a teacher to insult a student and physically attack them for any reason, and a parent should not attack their child’s teacher due to dissatisfaction with their performance. Such incidents are shameful and disgraceful to all. Social media erupted in a heated debate after the first video went viral. Everyone called on the ministry of education to take legal action against the teacher. The investigation committee of the ministry of education decided to prevent the teacher from reporting to work, meaning she lost her job. The teacher that was attacked by the parent filed an official complaint with the police.

School kids are often severely beaten, especially in elementary grade, without a reason. I believe a wrong answer given by the student could be due to the professor himself and due to his failure to deliver the correct information. Since teachers are legally prohibited from beating students, cursing and yelling has become the norm, and the victims are students.
When teachers fail, they do not admit their failure, and the psychological tension they experience often drives them into a maddening rage, so they scream and hit the students as a way to release the pressure. This is insulting, so don’t blame the students when they hate school and have bad morals. The teacher who insults his students must realize that his students are insulting him as well.

The recurrence of these crimes in and out of school, whether by teachers or others, is a clear evidence of a serious problem in the community, public behavior, educational system, school management and the decline of ethics between the two. I don’t think these attacks will be the last, and unless we do something about it, we will keep seeing more and more of it.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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