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Tenders worth nearly $6bn awarded in Kuwait in 2021

KUWAIT: Secretary General of the Central Agency for Public Tenders of Kuwait (CAPT) Usama Al-Duaij said the agency awarded 235 tenders worth KD 1.8 billion ($5.9 billion) in 2021. The number of the awarded tenders has been rising annually, but only 98 worth KD 303.4 million ($1 billion) were awarded in 2020 due to the ramifications of the coronavirus, Duaij said in an exclusive interview with KUNA.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy won the lion’s share of tenders last year, with 50 contracts awarded valued at KD 107.2 million ($353.7 million). Coming second was the Ministry of Health, with 25 tenders worth KD 110.5 million ($364.6 million), followed by the Ministry of Education with 13 awards valued at KD 31.3 million ($103.2 million). The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources was fourth in this respect with 13 offered contracts worth KD 20.5 million ($67.6 million), and Kuwait University fifth with 11 tenders worth KD 5.5 million ($18.1 million).

Sixth was Kuwait Ports Authority with 10 tenders worth KD 16 million ($52.8 million); seventh was the Ministry of Public Works with nine tenders worth KD 20 million ($66 million), eighth was Kuwait Fire Force with nine contracts worth KD 11.9 million ($37.9 million), followed by the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, also with nine contracts worth KD 8.5 million ($28 million).

Duaij added in the interview with KUNA that Kuwait Oil Company was 10th in awarded tenders with eight worth KD 1.3 billion ($3.9 billion), followed by the Civil Service Commission with eight tenders worth KD 3.9 million ($12.8 million) and the Ministry of Information with a similar number of tenders worth KD 2.9 million ($9.5 million). CAPT is a public authority tasked with dealing with issues related to tenders according to relevant laws. – KUNA

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