The civilized difference

The Kuwaiti society, like other Arab and Muslim societies, is a masculine one, where females have no role in it except for what the man wants for her, with some exceptions. So, it is very rare to see women confronting men in courts, because most legislation are biased against her, especially those related to her life in matters of marriage, divorce, alimony and custody, apart from the masculine stand towards the rest of her rights as a human being. This is not limited to the husband, but also widens to include an oppressive father or ignorant brother or even a thankless son!

So, it is not strange to notice that the majority or maybe all Muslim countries have signed the universal declaration of human rights, while having reservations towards items dealing with woman’s rights – the wife, sister, mother and daughter!
So, as we said, it is rare for the woman, who is mostly conservative, to get out of her narrow surroundings and visit a lawyer’s office, enter courts, compromise her reputation and be humiliated between various degrees of litigations and spend much time and money in the form of judicial and lawyers’ fees.

The stand of the legislative committee is also strange, which takes interest in matters that are not that interesting, or some members of the alien phenomena committee spend their time arguing about trivial matters and ignoring women’s rights and her malicious treatment, though she represents half the society and is its main pillar, without facing it and justify the oppression of men.

It also becomes silly for these “leaders” to accuse infidels and immoral liberals and seculars of being corrupt in their ethics, ignoring the fact that liberals in general are more humane than them and more just in dealing with the woman and less exploitive of her circumstances. It would have been better for them, as they are speaking about morality and good deeds, to become more noble in dealing with those they exploited to satisfy their desires, then ignore their rights shamelessly.

A sheikh said the woman lacks an unknown gland, so she cannot talk, think and remember at the same time! And I do not know why I remembered Chancellor Angela Merkel while I was reading this, and the reason may be the time difference between Socrates’ saying and that of the sheikh which is 2,500 years. This number of years may represent the civilized difference between our societies and theirs! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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