The Devils

The accursed Satan disguised himself and played the first trick on mankind. He has never been seen as he actually looks. No human being has ever seen the image Almighty Allah created him with. All we know is that he was, is and will always be an enemy of all the descendants of Adam (PBUH), that he was created from fire and that he runs like blood in our veins. He and his tribes can see us while we cannot. We even stone it during hajj following the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), who never described the image he saw.

When Satan came up with the sneaky idea of killing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the eve of the hegira, he fooled Quraysh infidels and showed up disguised as an old man from Najd, because he knew that if he had appeared in his true image, they would have known it was Satan and many of them would have embraced Islam immediately.

So, because of such skills and Satan’s ability to disguise and impersonate in many forms, we have to watch out for those speaking in the name of Islam. This warning also includes those who keep talking about patriotism as if they are our saviors who would never accept any opinions other than theirs.

There are many of them among us and the first lesson we learned from our great-great grandfather Prophet Adam (PBUH) is to beware of some advisors because some of their advice might bring about devastation the way Satan did with him and had him expelled from paradise! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saad Al-Motesh

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