The fight is still on

By Abdellatif Sharaa

COVID-19 – do you remember this word? I honestly hope so, because indications are that in many countries, the virus is still holding strong and is still fighting with vengeance. Countries that are close to us here in Kuwait are experiencing relatively scary numbers again, and it seems most, if not all, of the cases are due to negligence and not following the simplest and easiest procedures to avoid being infected or transmitting the disease.

Yes, complacency also seems to be a factor as people are taking it easy after governments started opening up their countries, because it is not easy or wise to continue locking down countries for so long, as this is bad in many aspects, including the impact on the economy. Authorities started easing measures after people had enough time to understand and get used to the measures to avoid contraction of the virus, such as social distancing, wearing a face mask in closed quarters, making sure hands are washed or sanitized before touching the face and so on.

Please, as restrictions are being lifted, you should continue following health safety measures without having an authority enforce them. We should not have a curfew to keep people away from each other, as they know that six feet is the closest one can get to another person.

We do not need a police officer to waste his time telling us that your gathering for a certain event in a hall or a house is not right. We do not need a healthcare provider to tell us to wear a mask while we are at a mall or a store, and so on. These steps should be taken automatically after six or seven months of COVID-19 among us.

Again, please do not let your guard down, keep up the fight and do not be complacent. Persevere until the full war is completely won!

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