The Light

By Layan Abdullah Al-Qenaei

Look up, find chances, create adventures and write your own story because that is what life is all about. To never give up! Once you fail, take a break, take a deep breath and start all over again. That scholarship did not work for you? Try another university, or even wait another year. That job interview was not successful? Go and dig yourself a new job or even create your own company. In every dark situation, there is always a light waiting for you. The darker the situation, the brighter the shine waiting for you at the end. Build your own empire by yourself for yourself. The “anger” of not succeeding in any type of matter in your life is normal. It is also normal to be jealous and to compare yourself with others. What is not normal is to drain yourself into toxic thoughts of coming out of the “not succeeding” hole. Look at it from a positive point of view in order to succeed. And never, ever stop trying because your future is in your own hands!

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