The nation of waiting

By Dr Khalid A Al-Saleh

There are in the history of man’s fight with disease important events, maybe the most important of which is when scientists discovered the causes of fever. Before that fever was the disease – man did not know that the rise in body temperature is only a symptom that hides many causes, some simple and others dangerous.

When scientists discovered germs and recognized bacteria and viruses, they made antibiotics for bacteria and vaccines for viruses, and this means the battle of man against germs is similar to military wars, using arms and strengthening internal defenses. Today man uses the same old methods for cancer, whose numbers are increasing with the rise in life expectancy.

Studies are rising with regards to cancer vaccines, s scientists are seeking to stimulate the body’s immunity and make it a partner in getting rid of the disease. The idea is similar to viral vaccines, but it different in that it is given after contracting the disease. If cancer vaccines are developed and become popular, cancer will become like a fever, and its old name will be replaced with tens of names that reflect the truth of the disease. All what we have to do is wait.

We will not participate in these great experiments, we as we are accustomed to – a nation of waiting in the era of pride. We talk and be proud, but we are good at waiting. I had a dream earlier that the Gulf Cooperation Council decided to build a center for cancer research in a Gulf city, and what spoiled the dream were ugly faces screaming repeated sentences – where are the scientists?

What is the share of each state? Why not have it in Bahrain or Kuwait? The same voices that spoiled our scientific and cultural life. Voices that are good at imitating and do not believe in the abilities of Arabs and Muslims. If they had kept silent, we would have left the waiting queue. The dream is not difficult to materialize – all we need is self-confidence and confidence in our scientists. Gentlemen, we are fed up with waiting.

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