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Theater group presents Kuwaiti play at FITS

BUCHAREST: A theater group staged yesterday the Kuwaiti play ‘Diary Led to Madness’ at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS). The play won the admiration of the audience and appreciation of the organizing committee of the festival, Kuwaiti Director Yousef Al-Hashash said right after the play.

He said that the story dates back to an old classical novel, pointing out that it was presented for the first time in an international festival with about 70,000 scenes from several regions of Romania. Over 3,000 artists from 73 countries, including Kuwait, made about 520 works of art from various kinds, pointing out that the theater team attended with a technical staff composed of 16 people including technicians and directors, along with those in charge of lighting, music and production, he said.

The input of Kuwait links original culture to art, presented through theatrical arts to the public, he underlined. The annual FITS is the third largest European festival, held over 10 days with many artists contributing worldwide. FITS comprises of performances and concerts in historical sites with activities and workshops, as well as cultural and artistic lectures. – KUNA

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