They should apologize

Candidates who previously boycotted the elections claiming the illegality of the one-vote decree but are running this time round have the right to revert to the right thing and re-choose, and they should not be reprimanded, as the case is currently, by many gloaters. If we reproach all those who correct their mistakes, then no one will be corrected, and no one will back down from their mistakes.

But in reality, most of them deserve to be rebuked, as some said they still oppose elections according to the one-vote system and believe that it is illegal, or the illegality of the elections in general. It means that they are contradicting themselves, and they condemn themselves without realizing it and we have the right to ask them with ridicule: Then why are you running?
There is a huge difference between considering the elections held according to the one-vote system being unsuitable according to one view, and this view adopts the issue of changing it in the next Assembly, which many believe in including myself; and rejecting it and accusing it of being illegal by a candidate who is hoping to win according to it.

The candidate who rejects the one-vote decree and doubts its legitimacy also doubts the legitimacy of his own election. Not only this, he also doubts and cancels any laws or legislations issued by the coming Assembly in which he will participate if he succeeds. It is the right of anyone, based on the beliefs and statements of this MP, to doubt the next Assembly and all its legislations.

The regretful thing is that the current candidates who were previously boycotting are trying to save face by continuing with the role of heroism and pioneering by insisting on rejecting the one-vote system, based on which they are candidates. You boycotted, and your constituents or the Kuwaiti people backed the one-vote decree through constitutional channels represented by the constitutional court or through the participation of the majority in the elections.

If your boycott has legitimacy, you would have continued the boycott and the rejection of the decree that you still oppose, but the Kuwaiti voter, not the authority as the gloaters are promoting, forced you to succumb to reality and participate in the elections according to the decree that was given the legitimacy and required popular acceptance. So, the best you can do currently is apologize to the voter first and admit reality. Then work if you win on passing the legislation you see fit. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Adbellatif Al-Duaij

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