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Muna Al-Fuzai

There is no doubt that the heat is intense these days, perhaps in most parts of the world. But the heat in Kuwait seems harsher and drier as well. We shouldn’t wonder why Kuwait is hotter than other places – it’s due to its desert location! Why don’t we use this heat as an opportunity to cultivate greenery in homes and streets? Why not create green thinking to reduce the heat and cope with desertification and climate change?

I think we need to reshape the way we deal with the environmental situation and climate change, with a new green approach. I recently reviewed the UN Environment website for more information on climate change and desertification. I found important information and I quote: “Climate change is expected to have implications on where people can settle, grow food, build cities, and rely on functioning ecosystems for the services they provide. In many places, temperature changes and sea-level rise are already putting ecosystems under stress and affecting human well-being.”

Therefore, the demand for serious action in order to face the truth of this matter should not be disputed or ignored. There are also many recommendations concerning the concept of green economy, reduction of chemical pollution, and handling and utilization of waste. We need to have a new approach that understands the seriousness of this subject. We are watching pollutants surrounding us, especially noise and rising temperatures. There should be practical solutions and stringent legal legislation against those who contribute to polluting the environment. The concept of green buildings, using environment-friendly materials and reducing energy consumption should be activated.

In 2014, an official statement was issued by the Environment Public Authority to translate the country’s desertification control strategy into integrated projects, including conservation and improvement of soil characteristics, improved pastures, dune stabilization, seed production and protection and rehabilitation of biodiversity. The statement mentioned that there are several cooperation programs between the government agency and environmental bodies, which is good, but today we are on the threshold of 2020 and I wonder about the role of environmental awareness and public participation in this important subject.

I also support moves to increase our greening efforts and encouraging citizens and expats to form new agricultural areas to boost green thinking and reflect the positive results on the environment. I believe that it is a wonderful call to maintain facilities and spread environmental awareness in the community, especially when we see public beaches after the weekend filled with dirt and trash. This is everyone’s mistake.
Every year in October, the country holds a “green week”, but one week is not enough in a country like Kuwait where we need to raise awareness among people about the importance of green thinking, protecting the environment, contributing to increasing green areas and maintaining public utilities and the aesthetic environment. There should be a reduction in acts of sabotage and supporting young children to participate in volunteer teams for the greening of Kuwait. We need to continue activities throughout the year and not be limited to one week.
In Kuwait there are public facilities for walking and it is necessary to exploit these areas as centers for public awareness of greening and preserving the environment. Efforts by the government alone cannot succeed.

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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