Three car break-in suspects arrested

KUWAIT: Some of the stolen items found in the suspects’ residences

KUWAIT: Farwaniya detectives arrested three people responsible for at least 17 robberies in which they broke into cars parked in various areas around Kuwait and stole their contents. Car owners had reported that their vehicles were targeted at the Friday Market in Rai, as well as the parking lots of Farwaniya, Amiri and Sabah Hospitals, in addition to the courts complexes in Regaei and Jahra, Mubarakiya Market and Ardhiya Industrial. Detectives monitored the places where the robberies were reported, and were able to identify two Arab men as prime suspects after they were seen frequenting those locations. The two men were arrested and taken for questioning, during which they admitted to committing the robberies.

They led police to a third suspect who they said they have sold the stolen goods to. Police arrested the third man; who confirmed that he bought the items from the two other suspects, but denied knowledge of them being stolen. Police obtained a warrant to search his Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh apartment as well as the other suspect’s residence, where they found some of the stolen items, as well as tools that they used in breaking vehicles’ windows. The suspects were taken to the relevant authorities for further action.

The Interior Ministry’s relations and security information department said the general security sector carried out several campaigns in all governorates from March 11 to 17, 2018 – 315 checkpoints were set up, resulting in the arrest of 253 persons for felony and civil cases, 597 residency violators, 44 fugitives, as well as 77 illegal workers and roaming vendors. Seventy drugs cases were recorded and 1,424 traffic citations were issued, while 109 vehicles were impounded and 18 cars wanted by authorities were recovered.

Garage fire
Firemen battled a blazee in a Shuwaikh Industrial garage that spread to two neighboring garages. The fire was brought under control and no injuries were reported. Industrial Shuwaikh, Shuhada and backup centers responded to the call.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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