Three dead in horrific Fourth Ring Road crash

KUWAIT: Three people, including a domestic helper and a child, died in a horrific traffic accident reported on the Fourth Ring Road near Jaber Al-Ahmad, Kuwait Fire Force said yesterday. Three others were injured in the crash, including two in critical condition. Preliminary investigations indicate that the accident happened when a vehicle crashed into another that was parked in the emergency lane.

Separately, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Anas Al-Saleh announced the death of Lance Corporal Mohammad Al-Enezi, Al-Rai reported. A security source said a call was received about an accident on King Fahd Road, so a police patrol responded and found the drivers were injured and their vehicles couldn’t be moved. So tow trucks were called in, and a traffic police patrol arrived with Enezi, who blocked the road to allow for the removal of the two vehicles. But a speeding car ran over the policeman, who died. The speeding car’s driver – a Kuwaiti – turned himself in to authorities.

Meanwhile, criminal detectives are investigating the death of a youth who was allegedly run over by his friend in the Salmi desert, Al-Rai reported yesterday. A security source said a Kuwaiti man told police his 16-year-old son died of extensive injuries he suffered after his friend ran him over. The suspect was arrested and his vehicle was impounded.

Drugs seized
Air customs officers discovered 677 gm of marijuana inside seven rolls covered with wax. They also found 100 gm of hashish inside a box of speakers arriving from the US by courier. Another bust uncovered five drops of marijuana oil as well as 3 gm of marijuana arriving from Denmark via the postal service. Seven ampules of marijuana that arrived from the US via courier and 61 gm of marijuana arriving from Britain via post were also discovered. The last find was of nearly 800 gm of ‘chemical’ paste that arrived from China via courier.

In other news, Farwaniya police arrested two expats for using drugs, after patrolmen suspected a person driving a car with a passenger. The vehicle was pulled over, and when questioned, the driver seemed abnormal. Illicit tablets were found on them, Al-Rai reported. They were sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

In another case, police arrested a Kuwaiti man for driving under the influence of drugs. When he was searched, the ‘chemical’ drug was found on him, which he claimed was for his personal use, reported Al-Rai. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

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