Three hospitalized with gunshot wounds

KUWAIT: A 13-year-old mentally-challenged girl fired her father’s military-issue weapon at herself, her 10-year-old brother and 32-year-old domestic helper. The three were taken to hospital. The girl suffered an injury in her thigh and her brother suffered a superficial ear injury, while the helper remains in critical condition from an abdominal injury.

Home burglar arrested
Police arrested a suspect who burgled eight houses in various areas. The suspect said that another person paid KD 180,000 for the stolen items that are worth KD 1 million. A domestic helper was involved in the crimes, as the suspect gave her some of the stolen items.

Nurses insulted
The health ministry’s information department commented on a video that circulated on social media showing a person who claimed that a nurse at a primary healthcare center refused to dress his wound. It said the person, an expat, doesn’t have the right to access the clinic according to his residence and that he insulted nurses on duty.

When he was asked to get a doctor’s signature to dress a superficial cut, which was not an emergency, he threatened nurses and recorded them, the ministry said, adding that the issue would be sent for investigation.

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