Time is wealth

By Abdellatif Sharaa

The year 2020 is really the year of opportunity. Yes, the year of opportunity! One may scream out loud that after the coronavirus, lost jobs, a stagnant economy, closed schools, being unable to travel, etc, what opportunity are you talking about?

Despite all the ills and drawbacks that took place this year of which there are still more than three months to go, we had and have plenty of spare time! We had to endure long hours at home. Some were working online, but time was and is still abundant!

Why don’t we make a detour, change or enhance our habits, and be serious about coming out with something. Although we may be involved in work, jobs or even taking care of kids, many have extra hours that can be used in beneficial things. You can do several things, but it is better to concentrate on one or two hobbies to practice them more often and enhance the performance of the body and mind.

Sitting home for longer hours makes one lazy, and this may reflect on our physical activity and appearance, to the point that we become terrified when we see a weighing scale. So why don’t we exercise? Those who can swim should hit the water, which helps tone the muscles. Is not swimming something enjoyable? There are other sports that can be performed at home including aerobics and similar activities.

Why don’t we hit the books? Reading is the best food for the brain, whatever the book – scientific, fiction or even religious books. For those who cannot drop their mobiles from their hands can download anything online and read. Also, it is likely that you may have encountered certain events or incidents, so why not write about them in a story form – this will exercise your brains and you will get something out of these devices.

Another thing that we can benefit from the use of smartphones is photography, so why don’t young and old people use their phones and take pictures, bearing in mind that each picture should mean something and have a story behind it.

Talking about photography, why not start drawing? My niece Mais, for example, started drawing and came out with several works, and each one is more beautiful and intriguing than the one before it, and many of those who saw them appreciated the effort. Mais is an outstanding high school student and about to get her final grades soon. She found time and polished her hobby.

Hobbies are the most potent medicine against boredom and its practitioners may start making an extra income out of them. By the way, there are many things that can be learned online, and this is almost in everyone’s reach in our modern day.

As Arthur Schopenhaur wrote: “Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.”

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