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Tires used to make ‘rubber asphalt’ in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Officials observe as workers pave a street with ‘rubber asphalt’ yesterday. — KUNA photo

KUWAIT: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) yesterday experimentally paved a street with ‘rubber asphalt’, one of the environmental solutions to the problem of used tires and to improve streets’ quality and efficiency. This happened in a ceremony attended by KISR Director Dr Samira Ahmed Al-Sayyed Omar and in collaboration with United Gulf Construction Company (UGCC). Dr Suad Al-Bahar, the project manager, said this project is part of KISR’s 8th strategic plan and will help prevent loose gravel and damage to various vehicles and maintain good quality roads. Dr Zeuyad Zaghreb, the construction program scientific advisor, said the second phase of the project had already started with an experimental paving of a 3,550 sq m segment of the roads surrounding KISR buildings.

KD 1.1 million in aid
The Patients Fund Society Chairman Dr Mohammed Al-Sharhan aid the total aid paid to cancer patients since January is KD 1.1 million, while pharmaceutical companies paid KD 1.8 million of the actual cost of the patients’ treatment. Sharhan added that 419 cancer patients applied requesting aid in the same period and they were all accepted, as the society spares no effort to help needy patients meeting its conditions. “We pay KD 340,000 monthly to help patients with various diseases,” Sharhan noted, urging benevolent people to donate more to help the society annually serve over 22,000 patients at an estimated cost of KD 5 million a year.

Parking area
The Capital committee at the Municipal Council yesterday approved a proposal by member Abdul Salam Al-Radi to re-organize the parking area opposite a shopping mall in block 3 in Garnata. The committee also discussed several topics that had been on the agenda from previous meetings.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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