Together in times of crises

By Abdellatif Sharaa

It is amazing how people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and creeds come together during times of crises and hardships, even if a few may not follow suit. Even within the same society, classes disappear as all unite to help each other and keep the wheels rolling. Under our current circumstances, we see the government, NGOs and the well-to-do come together and start offering help – material or even meals without any other consideration or thought than just to help.

Back in 1990, when the invasion took place, my wife was pregnant and due any time. I was very worried, because of my citizenship, as the occupation authorities were giving one warning after the other. Anyhow, when it was time for her to deliver, we went to Mubarak Hospital, where we were received warmly.

We told the doctor, may God bless her, about the situation, and she decided to deliver the baby at the hospital, which was not equipped for maternity issues. My son was born and I could not believe how helpful the doctors and nurses were, despite the presence of agents of the occupier. We went home very safely because of those amazing people.

Volunteers here in Kuwait are doing all types of things when needed, supporting government efforts to help people get through day-to-day work until the crisis is over. Cooperation with each other helps to exchange ideas and information among people, resulting in more creativity and getting to know new dimensions and various views over many issues, and this helps in achieving the most in life. It also helps to overcome various issues and crises in life, because no one can resolve problems by themselves, and this is why people should cooperate to be successful.

Cooperation contributes to the development of the economy, as the rich help the poor, and when the crisis is over the recovery of the economy to its full potential can be easier. It also help keep the place tidy, as when each person is keen to keep the place clean, they will help in maintaining a healthy environment around themselves. People get closer to each other and keep grudges and hatred out, so people can live in peace and stability.

Final word: “And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression.” Holy Quran Al-Maidah (verse 2)

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