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Be tolerant with others – MAKE KUWAIT GREAT

Each of us can contribute to making Kuwait a better place for all of us to live. In our daily deeds and actions, we can find – if we choose to look – opportunities for improving Kuwait’s environment. From not littering on the streets, to choosing to be kind and helpful to others, each individual here can have a positive impact on the society as a whole. Kuwait Times wants to know what can you do?


Mohammed Mamluk

Mohammed Mamluk, an Egyptian citizen who has been living in Kuwait for over 16 years, believes that good behavior and morals are very important to improve life in Kuwait. He answered to the question of how to improve this country as follows:
“To be tolerant with other people will definitely improve life in our society. This includes relaxed driving instead of being nervous and provoking people on street. Even if we meet with an accident we should not get angry and start shouting or fighting with others. We should follow the same way of dealing with people if they hit us accidently in a market or other crowded public places.

“Not smoking in public places is a civilized behavior and will make Kuwait better. Also, respecting traffic laws, environmental rules, and not littering to keep streets, parks and public places clean will all improve the society we live in.
“We should also behave according to humanity rules. So even if we were discussing any issues we should do that in a civilized way without shouting to reach positive results. Furthermore, people should respect the traditions of the Kuwaiti community and wear decent clothes to make Kuwait better.”

By Nawara Fattahova

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