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Top moving items in Ramadan: Food, cookware, clothes and perfumes

Ramadan is the best time for many people in the Muslim world. In Kuwait Ramadan makes people happy, prayerful and generous. They give charity to institutions, individuals including by giving food and cash to random people on the street. In this season of charity, we stroll around Mubarakiya Market to see what the top moving items are during Ramadan.

Activities in Ramadan can be summed up with food. All gatherings are stuffed with sumptuous food, therefore food items are the fastest-selling products in Ramadan. Next to food comes cook ware, clothes, perfumes, accessories and toys for children.

“Normally we have bigger orders; we triple if not double orders to suppliers so we can prepare for the bulk orders,” said Ahmed, a meat shop owner at Mubarakiya. “We get a lot of wholesale orders because of caterings and parties. Retailers are coming in the evening only; in the morning we have several stocks of meat and they are taken from our shop in bulk mostly for restaurants and the hospitality businesses,” the meat shop owner told Kuwait Times.

Although fish is not a staple food in Ramadan but bigger fish are to some Kuwaiti families. “Bigger fish are the hottest selling in Ramadan especially their favorite hamour, zubaidi and shrimps. We sell these fish normally to cater to Kuwaiti families who love fish,” said Mahmoun, a fish vendor at Mubarakiya market.

Besides meat and fish products, there are other hot moving items in the food sector such as spices, fruits and veggies. “Sell of spices are up by 75 percent as well during Ramadan; it’s part of hot selling items because people use these spices in their kitchen at lot during the holy month,” said another attendant of a spice shop in Mabarakiya.

Cooks as well as housewives will not be able to cook all these items without buying all needed tools and equipment in the kitchen. They are considered as hot moving items even before Ramadan. “Normally, if there are tools in their home that needed a replacement or repair, they normally make sure to secure it during Ramadan. So our cookware items are up from 30-50 percent too. Here in Mubarakiya we have low price of cookware products, mostly from India, Pakistan and China,” noted Muntaser, an attendant at cookware products shop at Mubarakiya.

To complete Ramadan bash, you know what is next after Ramadan. Eid El-Fitr. People normally exchange visits to their loved ones during this long break. During this holiday, children and adults often wear new clothes and so clothing, perfumes, gifts and toys are all hot sellers toward the end of Ramadan. Parents shop for the members of their family in preparation for the activities like Gergians and Ghabqas. Dresses are basically necessity for everyone. Traditional dresses are still very popular for locals and expatriates to wear for family gatherings, gergian and ghabqa celebrations.

By Ben Garcia

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